Stevenson: the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde




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expressed the SPILLITTING between GOOD & EVIL
in his psychological cover THE STRANGE CASE OF
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ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON expressed the SPILLITTING between GOOD & EVIL in his psychological cover THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE. Troubled by his health + the thought of not being capable of producing great woteks, STEVENSON DIED in 1894.. STEVENSON'S LIFE He was borly ill borl he spent most of his childhood in bed and Edinburgh 1850 - bc of his POOR HEALTH → developed a passion for reading. DESPISE HIS HEALTH IN HIS ADOLESCENCE he travelled a lot searching for a friendher climate. he took up ENGENEERING at Useiversite, following his father's footsteps, but wasn't entusiastic after giving engeneering he a lawyer and decided to devote niouself to WRITING. THE STORY is quite simple DR JEKYLL (good side) ·respectable doctor (SOCIAL TITLE) who frequents people with his Same studies. THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL & MR HYDE A MIRROR OF THE TIMES: the novel takes place in the loudon of the V.A: au ERA characterized by scientific + technological peogress where WRITERS started to DOUBT the ideals of < SENSE OF PESSIMISM + ANXIETY In a society full of PROGRESS CIVILITATION creating a stredung contradichous victorian (compromise) TALL, A HANDSOME AND AGREEABLE MAN → this AMBIVALENCE is reinforced by - the doctor's official house has a great facade and its interior is Ence expression of wealth •Jekyll the protagoniste is a MAN DIVIDED IN 2 DISTINCT CHARACTERS. FRENCH ENGLISH WORD + WORD (JE) (IKILL (KILL) - he is the...

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one who killed the person - THIRD-PERSON NARRATOR (UTTERSON- dr. Jeky el friend) he doesn't know -nappened what no he duly uicticed something was going ou and that he was acring streauge → can be considered a counterpart of Dickens. be ne studied the MENTALITY OF PEOPLE in 19th century- - HE WAS BORN by the ASSUMPTION of a MEDICAL POTION drunk by Dr Jekyll, that was capable of trasporting hile we Hyde. SHORT, PALE, EXTREMELY UGLY Jekyel's residente + 1 The studies society VICTORIAN in which the HIPOCRISY OF VICTORIAN AGE COMPROMISE is embodied by the DOUBLE reflect the Victorian world which Jekyel rejects. he wrote articles about his treavels in Eleope. In Freance he met al almerican wate that he's going to rearory. They came back to Breitain - WROTE MOST OF HIS MASTERPIECE →THE ENDING IS sinev love to Dorian Gray's one ON Jekyll realises its lempossible to speet the 2 SIDES I was finally able to kill Hyde but at the same time he killed SUICIDE with seeg- HR HYDE (bad side of the same personet Simple woul, poote the house has a BACK DOOR used by Hyde which leads to a small yard in a mhy steeous block of the house withouth anly willdays. + Contrary to Frankenstein where the wouster was in another be beileg about he wants to deliidus treate that each person has 2 sides! (Goa) EVIL) that can't be divided be each wall has a DOUBLE NATURE! Hyde: ENGLISH WORD → Hyde lives hidden in the house and he only (TO HIDE goes out during the night. avvetlo suttho STEVENSON there fore umplies that MAN'S SALVATION is based on the ANNIHILATION of ONE PART OF HIS NATURE NARRATOR t he wants to delidestreate that evilness is also ugey mess. -Hyde is responsible for eats of ouines but he succeded in escaping detection bo of the potible who trasformed wil in ove Jekyll. in the eved he doesn't even need the potion! any more to became Hyde bc he became much streduger and oversatuve Jekyll at the point that he can't came back to be that doctor DR. JEKYLL DIRECT NARRATION (1st person) tells his story beforce. dying in the east chapter.